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Sansevieria trifasciata has broad strap-like, upright leaves that are dark green and marked with a pattern of wavy cross stripes in a lighter color.

Note: The image is for reference purpose only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance and size.


Plant height: 3 – 6 inches
Plant spread: 3 – 5 inches

The Sansevieria is the perfect addition to any indoor garden setting. With over sixty different varieties to choose from, everyone is sure to find the perfect match for their taste.
It is an evergreen herbaceous perennial plant forming dense stands, spreading by way of its creeping rhizome, which is sometimes above ground, sometimes underground. Its stiff leaves grow vertically from a basal rosette. Mature leaves are dark green with light gray-green cross-banding.

Leaf colours: Yellow Green


  • Place sansevierias in moderately bright or filtered light. Good locations include a spot in front of a north-facing window or in front of a bright, sunny window covered by a sheer curtain.
  • Although the plant tolerates low light, bright light brings out the colors in the leaves. However, intense light may cause the edges of the leaves to turn yellow.
  • Allow the soil to dry completely before watering, and then water deeply until water drips through the drainage hole. Allow the pot to drain and then discard water that remains in the saucer.
  • Never allow the soil to become soggy and never let the pot stand in water. Water sparingly throughout the winter.
  • Like most succulent plants that store water in their leaves, sansevieria rots quickly in the excessively wet soil. Place sansevieria in average room temperatures.
  • Protect the plant from drafts and cold temperatures as it is damaged at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Feed the plant once every three weeks throughout the summer.
  • Use a general-purpose fertilizer for houseplants diluted to one-half the strength suggested on the container.
  • Sansevieria is a light feeder and too much fertilizer makes the leaves fall over.


Snake plants produce rhizomes and are easily divided. Although this can be done any time, spring is best. Your newly propagated plants will also grow faster as summer is growing season.
You can also propagate snake plants through leaf cuttings. Just cut 2 to 3-inch pieces of a leaf and place them about 1 inch deep in soil appropriate for snake plants. Make sure to plant cuttings facing up, the same direction they were growing.

SunlightSansevieria prefers bright light with some sun. They can adapt to full sun.
SoilA loose, well-drained potting mix.Sandier soil is good for them.
Temperature12-29 degrees C


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