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Mature plants may produce white or cream-coloured typical arum flower heads.

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Dieffenbachia maculata is a beauty that offers light green leaves edged in dark green and with a striking white vein running through the center of each leaf. The plant prefers bright to medium light and high humidity due to its normal habit of growing in tropical rain forests.


It will grow in almost full sunlight once acclimated, but for best growth give it a bit of subdued light.
Rotate the dieffenbachia house plant regularly to provide adequate light to all sides of the plant and prevent it from reaching towards the light on one side.Watering should be when the soil feels dry to touch.


Dieffenbachia is propagated by cutting, tip cutting or stem cutting. With a minimum temperature of 5 degrees, dieffenbachia must be grown indoors in temperate areas. They need light, but filtered sunlight through a window is usually sufficient. They also need moderately moist soil, and should be fertilized organically


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