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The aglaonema is easy to care for and can be maintained at the lower light levels often found in the home or office environment.

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Aglaonema is also quite an undemanding plant. Considered to be a shade tolerant plant with glossy dark green leaves with silver edges. The leaves of the species are oval and the trunk is erect. The plant is often grown in offices due to its unpretentiousness (this cultivar requires minimal care) and beautiful ornamental leaves.

Flower colours: Greenish-white spathe in summer.


  1. Keep the plant where receives bright indirect sunlight.
  2. Place your plant far from doors, air vents, and windows in order to ensure it won’t suffer from drafts.
  3. Fertilize the species at least 2 times per month with an organic fertilizer.
  4. Watering should be done early in the morning if the upper layer of soil feels dry to touch is dry.


Propagation via root cuttings– This method is the safest and assures success, the plant is separated from the mother plant with roots and planted in a new container and kept in indirect sunlight, newly planted plant starts building own root system in quick time like 5 -10 days. 15 -35-degree Celsius temperature is ideal for this method.


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