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Vermicompost Soil Manure



  • Plant Manure, Organic Fertiliser
  • Used for Roses & flowering plants, Ornamental plants, Fruits trees, Lawns
  • Available as Powder
  • Packed in Polybag
  • Pack of 1 Kg.
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Vermicompost Is An Organic Manure (Bio-Fertilizer) Produced As The Vermicast By Earth Worm Feeding On Biological Waste Material; Plant Residues. This Compost Is An Odorless, Clean, Organic Material Containing Adequate Quantities Of N, P, K And Several Micronutrients Essential For Plant Growth. By Improving The Health Of The Plant And The Quality Of The Soil, Vermicompost Provide An Optimal Environment For Any Horticultural, Agricultural, Or Garden Application. It Is Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Consumes Low Energy Input For Composting And Is A Recycled Biological Product.

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