Artificial Grass

  • Size : 25 MM
  • Uses : Can be use indoor and outdoor both.
  • You can use as carpet inside the house , for landscaping garden, & decorating balcony.
  • Artificial grass turf





  • Provided with mesh for Longer Durable with water drainage
  • No weather limited: It can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow. All weather used.Environment-friendly: All materials are accord with environmental protection requirement.

The greenery from the lawns around you creates ambiance. Sitting on the gorgeous greenery make your day stress free. If you are not able to have such lawn, no need to worry. We are here to help you out. Mera Baghicha has introduced High-Density Artificial Lawn Grass with different sizes. This can fulfill your dream of having a beautiful lawn at your place.

These lawns are provided with mesh for longer durability with water drainage. It can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow. You can use it in any weather. This lawn can be used in Yard, square, balcony, park, garden, etc., It can be used both indoor and outdoor. You can use the lawn as carpet inside the house, for landscaping garden, for decorating balcony etc. They are made as gentle as possible in order to make it user-friendly.

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6 * 2 FEET, 6 * 4 FEET, 6 * 6 FEET, 6 * 8 FEET


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