How to Control Pollution in Delhi NCR How to Control Pollution in Delhi NCR

How to Control Pollution in Delhi NCR

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12 thoughts on “How to Control Pollution in Delhi NCR

  1. * Reduce the number of trips you take in your car.
    * Reduce or eliminate fireplace and wood stove use.
    * Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials.
    * Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

  2. Switching to clean energy sources for cook stoves, public transport and industry
    Measures to reduce road traffic by raising fuel taxes and parking fees
    Levying congestion charges
    Creating vehicle-free zones and cycle paths.

  3. One of the best way to control pollution is to manage wastes of all types in an efficient manner.
    More and more trees must be planted in every locality.
    Control on private vehicles and improve walkability and create more cycle paths.

  4. As we are started working on planting trees and proper disposal of our garbages. I think we must also start to focus more on those industries and factories as well which are leading to harmful emissions. Fireworks during festive’s season such as Diwali, wedding etc. it will be better for transportation more utilization of public transportation and non producing vehicles. when it comes to planting trees I have seen lots of flowers and golden shower trees within NCR but it will be better too if possible for planting neem and jackfruit trees too. neem tree purifies the water as well as less of insect pests and diseases which can be proven as healthy for the environment. Jackfruit trees produces cold environment comparing to other orchard tree.

  5. I am already practising following steps for curbing air pollution in and around my locality:
    * I have planted variety of plants such as: palms, succulents, money plants, snake plant, etc.
    *I prepare organic manure out of dead leaves instead of burning them.
    * I prefer travelling short distances using bicycle and avoid uding petrol and diesel vehicles.
    * I prefer car pooling for travelling long distances.
    * I discourage active smokers in public places.
    * I wish to purchase a non polluting electric car soon.
    *I regularly use vaccum cleaner to remove dust mites and molds from furniture.
    *I regularly use essential oil diffusers to stay away from dust mites.

  6. Change your daily life routine.
    Follows some simple and small steps that can contributes in reducing polution.
    Avoid small trips by car/ bike instead of that use public transport system or bicycle.
    Grows trees around your house, school and workpalce.
    Love your planet as you love your life.

  7. May be difficult and tough, even though the pollution in Delhi can be managed. Following are some points :
    1. One of the main reason of increased pollution is increased concentration of industries, so as to reduce this concentration other parts of tje country shold be provided witl industries where it is not there.
    2. Movement of the vehicles to be checked, specially private vehicles. Use of public transport should be encouraged.
    3. Eco-friendly cars transport system should be encouraged.
    4. Plantation of trees should be done wherever found barren.
    5. Roof-top garden and vertical gardens should be encouraged.
    6. A plant species named “Oleander” is a good conroller of pollution shold be planted over other glamorous horticultural plants.
    7. Cooler shold be preferred over ari-conditionars.
    8. Every citizen has to come up with responsibilities along with a strict government.

  8. Stop smoking, Keep your car properly maintained to keep it in good running condition to avoid smoke emissions.

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